A quick look at dashDB and a happy SQuirreL

A quick look at dashDB and a happy SQuirreL #dashdb #datewarehouse

A quick look at dashDB and a happy SQuirreL

This morning I took some time to take a look at dashDB, a new IBM DWaaS (Data Warehouse as a Service) offering. When you go to the dashDB website, you are offered two choices: Use the dashDB service available on IBM Bluemix or use a Cloudant account to add a warehouse to your JSON database. Let me give you a brief overview of what you can do with dashDB and how I connected a local (open source) SQuirreL SQL client to my new dashDB database…Read More

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Watson Developer Cloud Samples Now in GitHub

Watson Developer Cloud Samples Now in GitHub #watson

Watson Developer Cloud Samples Now in GitHub

The Watson Developer Cloud (WDC) documentation already includes links to download the code for sample applications for each service. We view this as the first step in our partnership with you, our developer community. We are pleased to announce that all WDC sample application code is now available in Github, which the documentation now links to directly. We provide code in languages such as node.js and Java, but that’s because we only have so many fingers. If you’re a fan of another language, please submit sample code in that language and let us know at: watsondevelopercloud@wwpdl.vnet.ibm.com. Our goal is to put IBM Watson technology at the fingertips of every developer, and we view early adopters like you as a key part of that. As the…Read More

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First project of the Udacity Nanodegree…done!

In the Udacity Full Stack Web Development Nanodegree there are 4 project to complete:

– Project Movie Trailer Website

– Project Tournament Results

– Project Item Catalog

– Project Conference Organization App

In the first weekend, I have already finished the first. To do it, I followed the “Programming Foundation with Python” training.  I actually published the results on IBM Bluemix:


IBM Bluemix is a cloud platform as a service that supports several programming languages and services. So yes, I am planning to use IBM Bluemix every time I need to publish something in the cloud or deploy a new database or cloud service!


I also uploaded all the source code that I developed in a Github Repository…so you can use it in case you need!

Udacity Full Stack Web Development

Today is my birthday and I gift myself with the course Full Stack Web Development on Udacity.

What is Udacity? Is it a for-profit educational organization that provides massive open online courses (MOOCs). There are many interesting on courses out there by companies like Google, Cloudera, salesforce, at&t, autodesk….


For those followers of my blog, you might be asking why I do web development now when I am mostly focused on Data Mining and Analytics….well it turns that I have many ideas and I would like to start building some prototypes by myself and the lack of skills for web development is stopping me…and I decided to fix it!

I consider myself a self-learner, and I love the flexibility that MOOCs provide. I’m improving my R skills doing the Data Science specialization on Coursera by the Johns Hopkins University. I am already in the course 7 (this month about Regression Models).

Never stop learning!!!!!

Rexer 2015 Data Miner Survey – Participate!

Data Analysts, Predictive Modelers, Data Scientists, Data Miners, and all other types of analytic professionals, students, and academics: Please participate in the Rexer Analytics 2015 Data Miner Survey.

We ask you to help with two things:
1) Answer the survey questions
2) Tell other data analysis professionals about the survey (forward this email to them). Forwarding the survey is invaluable as it helps the survey reach a wide and diverse group.

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Recap of the IBM presentation at Esri Dev Summit

We just finished our presentation here in Palm Springs about ‘Predictive Analytics with IBM Watson Analytics, SPSS Modeler and Esri’.  I hope you have all enjoyed it!

In this post you have a recap of what we presented and also some useful links to get started and reproduce similar scenarios than the ones we showed.

First Venky Rao explained us the power of IBM Watson Analytics.  You can get started with Watson Analytics for free, you only need your web-browser to get started! Venky used a dataset of crime data in USA. Within a few clicks he had very powerful insights.


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Tweets during Esri Dev Summit and BNP Paribas Open

I’ve captured Twitter data of Palm Springs area since the beginning of the Esri Dev Summit on Sunday 8th of March  until Wednesday 11th of March for our presentation. I developed an application with the results and is available here:


tweets Palm Springs

The main features of the application are:

  • a heat map of the tweets: here you can appreciate most of the activity in the Palm Springs Convention Center where the Esri Dev Summit is taking place and also in the Tennis Garden of Indian Wells where the BNP Paribas Open 2015 of tennis is taking place.
  • Classification of tweets: Blue tweets are tweets talking about Esri Dev Summit, Green about the Tennis tournament and red about any other topic.
  • When you click on the tweet you get the tweets text, the timestamp and the user.

It is a very simple use case a much more can be done.

In order to create this application I used IBM SPSS Modeler 17, Esri ArcGIS and Esri Web Application Builder that I am going to explain now with more detail.streamTweetsSPSS

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Crime Prediction using IBM SPSS Modeler and ArcGIS

Access here the crime prediction App of the city of Dallas presented in the Esri Dev Summit 2015. The predictive model is created using IBM SPSS Modeler 17 and new geospatial analytics capabilities included in our last release. After the analysis the data is pushed to ArcGIS online to create a beautiful visualization to check the results using the Esri Web Application Builder.



Note: This application and demo is based on fictitious data.