Buzz on Twitter about the death of Robin Williams using Bluemix and R

Today we got the sad news of Robin Williams death. Everybody is talking about it, and we are still getting a lot of last minute information, comments, emotions… in many different sites and of course social media.

To try to measure the buzz of this event on Twitter, I modified a Shiny application of Vivek Patil . The application is running in the IBM Bluemix platform. For this I the application is running R code to do the analysis. It is all deployed in IBM Bluemix and you can access here:




To run R code you can use the following Custom Buildpack that I modified so it is running R 3.1  –>

In the application you will find WordClouds, Measurements of the probability of receiving a tweets talking about Robin Williams, measurement of the sentiment of the tweets using the tm package in R

Thanks to IBM Bluemix I distributed the application Worldwide in seconds.

  • Number of tweets talking about @robinwilliams vs @michaeljackson
  • Distribution delay between tweets talking about #RobinWilliams


  • WordCloud

  • Sentiment on Twitter about #RobinWilliams

Here is how some celebrities are remembering Williams:





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