Let’s welcome the new Bluemix Application Gallery!

There are more and more articles and very good sample applications showing the capabilities of IBM Bluemix. A huge community is making apps every day. Most of these apps are published in Developerworks website, and there is no single view of all that is available out there. That is why I create the “Bluemix Application Gallery”.

Here you have view of all the applications available. And of course is deployed on Bluemix! 

URL: http://mygallery.mybluemix.net/

Source code:   https://github.com/aruizga7/Bluemix-Gallery-Bootstrap

app gallery

In order to deploy this website, I followed this nice tutorial about how to deploy a static website on Bluemix. I use a custom buildpack called Nginx, that you can fork from Github

You need only to use this command to make it work:

>cf push -b https://github.com/cloudfoundry-community/nginx-buildpack <appname>

I will be adding new applications them as they come, and if there are some missing, do not hesitate to contact me!

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