Integration of Android Wear with IBM Bluemix

 Last week took place the IFA 2014, the Consumers Electronics Unlimited, the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances. It took place in Berlin from September 05 to 10, 2014. bluemixWatchThe main product of the event were the smartwatches! Is it going to be the next big thing? Will see.. what it’s true is that all the big companies presented new models with an improved design…and next 9th of September Apple is probably going to show their own wearable. So the platform battle is going to happen…again! And as is happening with smartphones…here we will have a new platform battle. Nowadays most of the smartwatches are based on the fascinating OS of Google called Android Wear. In the last Google I/O, the details of the new operative system for wearables were presented, and there are more and more companies pushing for it.

In the following article I am going to show how to create an Android application that is using the Pushing Service of Bluemix to send notifications. These notifications are available not only for your smartphone, but also with your smartwatch powered by Android Wear. Even if you don’t have yet a smartwatch to play with, I will show how to install and connect an emulator to your phone to start testing. Let the fun begin!



There are some articles explaining how to develop a Mobile Application on Bluemix that use the IBM Push Service. This add the capability of sending Push notifications from a Node.js-hosted Cloud application whenever the list is updated.


In this case, try to deploy in your phone the application of this article :

This is a mobile application that is storing the data in the Cloud of IBM and pushing notifications directly to your smartphone.  You can try as well with this other application :


Connect the Android Wear Emulator to a Real Phone

Following this tutorial (  step by step, you will be able to connect your Android phone to the Emulator. To improve the experience is always better to develop using real device, but me as most of the people, I don’t have (yet) my smartwatch. So the emulator works fine for testing.

Once you managed to connect the phone to your emulator,  and deployed the Android application in your phone, you will be able to see all the notifications of your Bluemix Application in your smartphone but also in your smartwatch !

To test it :

  1. Log in in Bluemix,
  2. From the dashboard click your Android Application and Click in the Push service Icon
  3. Click in the Notification tab
  4. Fill the message text field with anything you xwant, and click NEXT


  1. Choose the Recipients, and click SEND.
  2. Watch your mobile device , you will receive the notification…and…watch your smartwatch ! You will have it there too !




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