Vizualise the data that you mined on the cloud with SPSS with Bluemix Embeddable Reporting Service Article 3 of 3

Publish our Cognos content on Bluemix Embeddable Reporting Service.

The last article from this serie and with Bluemix it’s the easy part.

Go to and log on.

We have created a new application called CogOnBlueMix, based on Java Liberty runtime, with MongoDb and ERS services binded to it.

First we will need to set up our ERS service


Click on Embeddable Reporting Service and click on the Launch button and the console click the button Connect.
We will connect to our MongoDb service and upload cognos deployment archive


We will use the url from the credential page in Bluemix


Fill in the VCAP_SERVICES page with the mongoDb URL like below


Then we click on the import deployment package.
We will specify a name and import the cognos deployment archive previously generated in Cognos BI server (


Then we have to specify the JDBC URI user and password from our DB2 Blu on Bluemix account of Armand, it is the same database that we used when we build our metadata and report on our Local Cognos BI server.

It was successfully uploaded and connected to the database.


Now we can have a look at our report that has been published to blue mix using our ERS url, in our case


Done our Report is on bluemix and available on the cloud !!!!

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