First day at IBM Insight 2014: DATA, DATA and DATA!

The thing I wanted to do since I joined IBM was to attend the conference of Insight (previously called Information On Demand).  And here I am, dream is not anymore a dream but a reality, and I am participating actively, meeting product managers and speaking in one of the keynotes next Wednesday.

The first day it’s been very interesting…many new stuff.  The conference started with 3 words: DATA, DATA and…DATA! Since the blog is called Bluemix Analytics…I think the first to highlight are the new Bluemix Services for Cloud Analytics.


– IBM DataWorks:

-IBM dashDB: The dashDB service is a data warehousing and analytics solution. You can quickly move your data into a next-generation columnar in-memory database, start running complex analytical queries with in-database algorithms, and integrate with R language and other analytic and business intelligence tools. Powered by IBM BLU Acceleration.

The first two are already available, and Watson Curator is anothe one that will be available next month. Then we’ve seen a lot of Watson Analytics and you can subscribe to the beta here:

Regarding SPSS, it is exciting to talk about the new offering of IBM SPSS Gold on Softlayer, available in the cloud, and new interesting features for IBM Cognos BI. I have also seen the SPSS service for Bluemix in action, using SPSS as a service is the coolest way to consume your predictive models!


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