Twitter and IBM Partnership – IBM Insight 2014 Big Announcement

The conference is over and it is time to make conclusions. It is been an exciting week and I am proud to have seen the moment when IBM and Twitter announced their partnership… in my opinion the most important announce during the conference Insight 2014.
How was it? It was Wednesday 29th of October, I was feeling a bit stressed because at 10h I had my first intervention ever as speaker in such a conference like IBM Insight. Suddenly on the stage, the Twitter’s Vice President of Data Strategy and Ex-CEO of GNIP (cool company adquired by Twitter last year). He was explaining the importance of analysing data, and talking about concepts like Internet of Things…and then he said…imagine instrumenting the brain of all the people, and analyzing all this data in an efficient way. And…BOOOM!!! They announced the partnership with and all the crowd was really excited. The best and most valuable data source with the most powerful analytics engine and software partner together to bring this new source of business insight.

We had videos of the CEO of IBM and CEO of Twitter talking about the importance of such a partnership. ¬†Twitter represents the public pulso of the planet and IBM’s industry-leading cloud-based analytics we have the potential to transform how business and institutions understand their customers, markets and trends.
Twitter data will be included in IBM Watson Analytics and also within Bluemix.
By the way… he had already a nice demo of SPSS Modeler Custom R node to fetch data from Twitter using the twitteR package.
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