Winner of Balon d’Or analyzed in 2 minutes

In the previous post I showed some new nodes based on R that can be installed in IBM SPSS Modeler. It takes 2 minutes to get the CSV with the results of the votes of Balon d’Or (that Cristiano Ronaldo won for 3rd time) and build a stream like the one below and get a word cloud, a pie chart in the form of iFrame easily shareable and a HTML table also in the form of iFrame. SImple analysis, but quite interesting, easy to share and easy to perform!


The hashtag analyzed to create this wordcloud is #BalonDor2014, based on 10,000 tweets:

Here you have the table csv used, that you can download from here: Download table

These are the options included in the Twitter node. You can search by hashtag or by user. In this case we are selecting 10,000 tweets. The public API is used, so sometimes we are getting some restrictions when we are reaching the limits. There are API’s that provide full access to Twitter data…not for free of course :-)


You can learn more about where to download the SPSS Predictive Extensions here: link

IBM Predictive Extensions
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