New IBM SPSS Modeler 17 and SPSS Statistics 23!

Today we are launching the new IBM SPSS Modeler 17 and the new IBM SPSS Statistics 23. We are so excited about it! Both products are coming with a lot of new powerful features.

Just to mention my favorite ones, now we are including powerful Geospatial Analytics. We are adding support for geospatial data sources, geospatial data preparation, new predictive models to deal with geospatial data and also powerful mapping visualization. Also we adapted most of our algorithms so they can now work with Big Data. You can learn more about some of this new features here:

-Modeler Trial: Get dirty with data mining but keep your hands script-clean

-Introducing the new IBM SPSS Geospatial Analytics features


Some months ago we added some predictive SPSS extensions to do beautiful maps and options like geocoding or reverse-geocoding.

I would like to highlight  as well the new IBM SPSS Modeler 17 Personal edition, where you will get enterprise power in the hands of an individual user. You can download today a free 30 days trial and start using the most powerful data mining workbench. You have only to fill the form and that’s it!

 Download Trial Now! 

Here you can find an accurate list of all the new features of both products:

– IBM SPSS Modeler 17 – Official Announcement 

– IBM SPSS Statistics 23 - Official Announcement 

We are also announcing new IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services V7.0 and IBM SPSS Analytic Server 2.0 – Official Announcement

Remember that you can deploy easily your models using the new Predictive Modelling IBM Bluemix Service that was recently announced.

How can you learn more about what’s new in SPSS Statistics and SPSS Modeler? Join the IBM SPSS “What’s New” Webinar Series!

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