Recap of the IBM presentation at Esri Dev Summit

We just finished our presentation here in Palm Springs about ‘Predictive Analytics with IBM Watson Analytics, SPSS Modeler and Esri’.  I hope you have all enjoyed it!

In this post you have a recap of what we presented and also some useful links to get started and reproduce similar scenarios than the ones we showed.

First Venky Rao explained us the power of IBM Watson Analytics.  You can get started with Watson Analytics for free, you only need your web-browser to get started! Venky used a dataset of crime data in USA. Within a few clicks he had very powerful insights.


Then Venky started using the new IBM SPSS Modeler 17 and its new Geospatial features to do a deeper analysis of the crime for Dallas Area. He used the new association rules algorithm that now accepts geospatial data as an input.

You can download and try IBM SPSS Modeler 17 for fry with this 30 days trial version:

I presented new IBM Predictive Extensions built in collaboration with Esri connecting to their services. These extensions add new inexistent functionalities to IBM SPSS Modeler and IBM SPSS Statistics. You can download our extensions in the SPSS Marketplace in the following URL:

The IBM Predictive Extensions are written in R and are easy and fast to develop. Get started following this simple tutorial:

Create new nodes for IBM SPSS Modeler using R

You can follow the speaker of this session here:

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