Rexer 2015 Data Miner Survey – Participate!

Data Analysts, Predictive Modelers, Data Scientists, Data Miners, and all other types of analytic professionals, students, and academics: Please participate in the Rexer Analytics 2015 Data Miner Survey.

We ask you to help with two things:
1) Answer the survey questions
2) Tell other data analysis professionals about the survey (forward this email to them). Forwarding the survey is invaluable as it helps the survey reach a wide and diverse group.

Rexer Analytics has been conducting the Data Miner Survey since 2007. Each survey explores the analytic behaviors, views and preferences of data miners and analytic professionals. Over 1200 people from around the globe participated in the 2013 survey. Summary reports from previous surveys are available FREE to everyone who requests them by emailing at Also, highlights of earlier Data Miner Surveys are available online, including best practices shared by respondents on analytic success measurement, overcoming data mining challenges, and other topics. The FREE Summary Report for this 2015 Data Miner Survey will be available to everyone in the fall of 2015.

Your survey responses are completely confidential. This research is not being conducted on behalf of any third party, but is solely for Rexer Analytics to disseminate the findings throughout the data mining and analytics community.

To participate, please click on the link below, then click on the “Start Survey” link on the bottom of the webpage. Please enter the access code in the space provided. The survey should take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. Anyone who has had this email forwarded to them should use the access code in the forwarded email.

Survey Link:
Access Code: RX015PA

We hope this research program continues to provide useful information to the data mining and analytics community.

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