Udacity Full Stack Web Development

Today is my birthday and I gift myself with the course Full Stack Web Development on Udacity.

What is Udacity? Is it a for-profit educational organization that provides massive open online courses (MOOCs).┬áThere are many interesting on courses out there by companies like Google, Cloudera, salesforce, at&t, autodesk….


For those followers of my blog, you might be asking why I do web development now when I am mostly focused on Data Mining and Analytics….well it turns that I have many ideas and I would like to start building some prototypes by myself and the lack of skills for web development is stopping me…and I decided to fix it!

I consider myself a self-learner, and I love the flexibility that MOOCs provide. I’m improving my R skills doing the Data Science specialization on Coursera by the Johns Hopkins University. I am already in the course 7 (this month about Regression Models).

Never stop learning!!!!!

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