Recap of the IBM presentation at Esri Dev Summit

We just finished our presentation here in Palm Springs about ‘Predictive Analytics with IBM Watson Analytics, SPSS Modeler and Esri’.  I hope you have all enjoyed it!

In this post you have a recap of what we presented and also some useful links to get started and reproduce similar scenarios than the ones we showed.

First Venky Rao explained us the power of IBM Watson Analytics.  You can get started with Watson Analytics for free, you only need your web-browser to get started! Venky used a dataset of crime data in USA. Within a few clicks he had very powerful insights.


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Tweets during Esri Dev Summit and BNP Paribas Open

I’ve captured Twitter data of Palm Springs area since the beginning of the Esri Dev Summit on Sunday 8th of March  until Wednesday 11th of March for our presentation. I developed an application with the results and is available here:


tweets Palm Springs

The main features of the application are:

  • a heat map of the tweets: here you can appreciate most of the activity in the Palm Springs Convention Center where the Esri Dev Summit is taking place and also in the Tennis Garden of Indian Wells where the BNP Paribas Open 2015 of tennis is taking place.
  • Classification of tweets: Blue tweets are tweets talking about Esri Dev Summit, Green about the Tennis tournament and red about any other topic.
  • When you click on the tweet you get the tweets text, the timestamp and the user.

It is a very simple use case a much more can be done.

In order to create this application I used IBM SPSS Modeler 17, Esri ArcGIS and Esri Web Application Builder that I am going to explain now with more detail.streamTweetsSPSS

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Crime Prediction using IBM SPSS Modeler and ArcGIS

Access here the crime prediction App of the city of Dallas presented in the Esri Dev Summit 2015. The predictive model is created using IBM SPSS Modeler 17 and new geospatial analytics capabilities included in our last release. After the analysis the data is pushed to ArcGIS online to create a beautiful visualization to check the results using the Esri Web Application Builder.



Note: This application and demo is based on fictitious data.