R Shiny Application to Predict Survival on the Titanic

One of the most popular exercises to get started with Data Mining is predicting the survival on the Titanic. In the Kaggle website this is one of the main challenges, and you can find accurate documentation and tutorials on how to solve it using Excel, Python, R…

In the IBM Extreme Blue team that I leaded last summer the 4 students got started on Data Mining doing this challenge, and we end up creating a Shiny R application.  Shiny is a web application framework for R to convert your analysis into interactive web applications without having to write in HTML, CSS or JavaScript. We not only worked in solving the problem with R and with SPSS getting very good result, we created this application so everybody can access online and see the results. The model is created on the cloud and the results are calculated in as well in the cloud.


The application is hosted on Bluemix. To do so, we are using the Cloud Foundry R Custom Buildpack I modified to install R 3.1: https://github.com/aruizga7/cf-buildpack-r

You have the instructions about how to run R Shiny on Bluemix in this article: https://bluemixanalytics.wordpress.com/2014/09/11/new-developerworks-article-about-running-r-shiny-on-bluemix/

You can find the source code of this Shiny Application here: https://github.com/aruizga7/TitanicShinyApp.git

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Extreme Blue Team of SPSS @IBM La Gaude finished 2nd!!!!!

Cannot be happier today. After 9 months of hard work, presentations and very intense summer coding R with 4 super interns working hard, this week at the Extreme Blue Expo we finished 2nd in Europe over more than 25 projects. That’s the result of the passion and the ambition we all put in doing the best project possible.


We have to thank you as well to the IBM Business Partner Micropole for coming to IBM Ehningen to support the students and check the demos.

This week is the IBM Extreme Blue European Expo! Extreme BlueMIX !

As I mentioned in previous post, I been leading a team of Extreme Blue the last three months of summer and  this week the Extreme Blue European Expo 2014 is taking place in the IBM German Headquarters at Ehningen.  

The Expo is the most important part of the 3 months internship program, where you show to everyone what you’ve been working on and how innovative and cool is the idea developed.  All Extreme Blue teams, with their IBM mentors will be there, as well as clients, IBM Business Partners and other IBMers that want to get inspired by the solutions.

We expect more than 25 different new projects presented with crazy ideas, awesome presentations (not classic boring powerpoint!!!) and a lot of passion and ambition from the very talented students. I am sure most of the applications will have IBM Bluemix as platform. I will keep you posted about what’s new…exciting week ahead !