Analytics Using R and R Studio in Bluemix with dashDB

I’ve published some articles explaining different ways to integrate R in Bluemix. I found a nice hands-on lab that explains step by step how to use R and RStudio (embedded in the webrower, no installation required…pretty cool) directly on Bluemix.

Work with analytics R scripts and R Studio for a scenario to analyze telecom industry customer churn based on existing customer data. Once you debug and test the script in R Studio you can deploy the scenario to a production Bluemix analytics warehouse environment in dashDB, including customer data in data warehouse tables and your deployed R analytics script modified to use the data from the warehouse.


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Join Wednesday a Webinar IBM SPSS + R

Combining SPSS Statistics and R can give you the best of both worlds. SPSS software complements R by extending R’s scalability. You can handle much larger data sets. You can distribute R packages to a wide range of users including non-programmers. Here are some benefits for R users, when they integrate with SPSS Statistics:

  • Better interface
  • Reduced learning curve
  • Data access and transformation is much easier
  • Better output options
  • Superior performance
  • Collaborate better

At the end of this webinar you will see how extending the strengths of R with SPSS software just makes sense.

Register for the webinar to learn more about how combining both is a great solution for your advanced data analysis.


Murali Prakash
Market Manager-Products & Capabilities Predictive & Business Intelligence

Jon Peck
Senior Software Engineer at IBM

IBM SPSS + R  = Powerful Analytical Combination:

SPSS Modeler and R integration – Getting started

Since I have a new computer and I have to install everything from scratch, I will explain how to install and set up IBM SPSS Modeler to work with R.

I found a post on this R-Bloggers talking about  ‘Thoughts on SPSS and R Integration‘. The post is very good because it is going step by step about how to integrate SPSS and R and it is explaining how embarrassingly not obvious was to do it. But this post is dated in March 10, 2012 and a lot happen since then.

In this tutorial I am going to focus on IBM SPSS Modeler version 16, the last available and with full integration with R. You can also use IBM SPSS Modeler 15 FP2, and you will have some integration but not the full.

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Space Time Boxes announced as Big Thing in Insight 2014

Last 18th of March I published in DeveloperWorks and article about Space Time Boxes (STB) using IBM SPSS Modeler 16.  I invite you to read it and learn more in the following link.


This year at Insight 2014 I have seen Space Time Boxes integrated in many more products and I’ve seen many use cases, included an amazing one in the General Session of 30th of October with the IBM Felow Jeff Jonas. He explained how they use STB to track the boats in Singapore.

Geospatial analytics is gaining importance, there are many new features in SPSS Modeler and SPSS Statistics related to geospatial algorithms and visualization tools. Will talk about them when the new releases of this products are available!!!

Geospatial Analytics with SPSS Modeler #IBMInsight

I was glad to attend to the session of Geospatial Analytics with SPSS Modeler and see a lot of familiar stuff…basically I saw a demo of Space-Time-Boxes. Exactly the same demo with the same dataset is in the article I wrote in DeveloperWorks some months ago and you can enjoy here:

-Mine spatial data with space-time-boxes in IBM SPSS Modeler:

Then I’ve seen as well some interested new Geospatial nodes based on R…and this nodes were developed by my team last summer :-)  It is a big pleasure come out with an idea, work on it, and see it presented in front of so many people and industry leaders in the main conference of Big Data and Analytics.



Innovation Center Tel Aviv – 1 week of SPSS and Bluemix

It is been a very cool week. Always challenging with Israel companies, with very skilled and smart people innovating a lot.  I’ve been part of two different event:

– 2 days introduction to IBM SPSS: We had around 20 attendees, and we showed integration of SPSS and Bluemix

– Bluemix Analytics event: 43 people registered to an event were I presented

  • R and Bluemix
  • SPSS and Bluemix
  • Cognos and Bluemix

We build a very nice demo getting real time data from sensor and analyzing it in SPSS using custom nodes to connect directly SPSS and Cloudant.

Another very interesting fact of the IBM Innovation Center of Tel Aviv in the IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator for Startups, a very cool open space where companies can go an get free software, mentoring and all kind of support from IBM.

2014-09-16 16.25.01

Some inspiring quotes you can see around the open space:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Alan Kay

“It is wonderful to be in on the creation of something, see it used, and then walk away and smile at it” Lady Bird Johnson

Extreme Blue Team of SPSS @IBM La Gaude finished 2nd!!!!!

Cannot be happier today. After 9 months of hard work, presentations and very intense summer coding R with 4 super interns working hard, this week at the Extreme Blue Expo we finished 2nd in Europe over more than 25 projects. That’s the result of the passion and the ambition we all put in doing the best project possible.


We have to thank you as well to the IBM Business Partner Micropole for coming to IBM Ehningen to support the students and check the demos.